I know I haven't posted for a long time, but I actually have something to say now. We bought a house! It is a "renovators delight", and we are rapt. Ro and I have always said that we would rather not pay a high price for a house that has already been renovated by someone else, the way they like, but rather pay a smaller price for one that we can stamp our mark on. Well, this is what we've done.

We are very excited because it is VERY central, and we are very familiar with this area, as we have rented two different houses that are only a couple of block from this place. So we are very happy with the location. We went into it, with eyes that could see the "possibilities". Can't wait to get in there. Only thing pending is the final finance OK, and the tenants that have a lease until Sept. Will keep you posted, so to speak.

Here's a pic.