Because I have small children, sometimes I will look out of the room I am in, just to check what's going on in the next room.  

Sometimes, I just love what I see.

From the office I sometimes catch Helena twirling to the music
From bed it might just be our hallway
From the living room it might be Tia, who wants out!

It was lots of fun camping last weekend.  Although the weather was ordinary, and we had to stay undercover of the Kombi's annex for a lot of the time, it was fun hanging out with friends and family for three days.  

This is our little campsite, with Kombi, car, annex and two tents set up. Little squishy.

All the kids loved the hidey places in the Kombi.

Sarah and Laney played Barbies inside, while it rained.
We "grown-ups" enjoyed talking and ...
sensible activities like putting nappies on our dogs.  Oh Fraggle, you patient dog!

OK, so a friend of mine pointed out yesterday that she thought it was funny that Rohan didn't make it to the list of things that excite me.  Clearly she hasn't been married for 11 years, and doesn't realise that the excitement has gone.  No!  Just kidding.  (Goodness me, wouldn't want to give the wrong impression.) 

In all honesty he is definitely one of the things in my life that brings a smile to my face every day. (He makes me laugh more than anyone.) And there is no need to worry, because we say "I love you" to each other every day, so I'm sure he realises that he has that affect on me.

Just in case - Love you, sweetie. 

 My special man, having cuddles with Tia

This year has been pretty awesome so far.  Ok, Ok, so it's only been a 12 days, but it's a good sign.  I have already started a new work schedule, and am not allowing myself to work when the kids are with me, so that I am "with them" properly.  The kids are happier. And this makes me happy.  

Since I am happier, I am noticing lately that there are lots of things around me that get me excited when I just look at them, so I thought I would share them with you.  They just make me smile.

My lovely new case with my lovely new camera in it.
When my girls spontaneously start dancing in the living room.
My newly bought, but old, basket with my new project in it.
Our kombi who's just waiting to be taken to the beach this weekend.
Our new travel journal from Lark, which I can't wait to write in.
OK, so this shouldn't really excite me probably, but in this heat, it does!
My My Sister Pat bathers.  Yet to be christened.

I haven't posted any house pics for a while, so thought it was time...

I had to share these beauties with you.  They are enormous!
And these are just pretty...

Laney and I made these lanterns this morning.

Well I know I have fallen back into my bad blogging habits, but I have excuses.. really.  I have been busy getting myself into some new good habits.  Over the festive season, I, like many others, have been reflecting on the past year, and realised that I really wanted and needed to make some changes in my life.  

The past year has been a rollercoaster of a year.  And although it was really tough at times, it was also kinda special at others.  We bought this home of ours, which was a definitely a highlight.  We celebrated our baby's first birthday, and watched her walk for the first time.  Our big girl started kinder, and ballet - which she has really enjoyed.  Our magazine has grown and changed, and helped me learn so much - about people, running a business, and myself. We also bought our sweet little Kombi, and took it for fun trips. On the other hand, this year has brought some tough times.  With the magazine putting a lot of stress in our lives, the renovations being tough on Ro's body, moving house (which Laney really didn't enjoy) and Ro and I generally feeling overworked, and underappreciated a lot of the time.  BUT wait, this year is going to be different!  And I am already organised and ready to face the year with enthusiasm.

I have written a list, of all the things that I want to achieve this year.  I have already cleaned up my desk, and started a new work routine that will allow me to prioritise my time better.  There are going to be more trips away - with nothing but R & R on the schedule.  There will be more playtime with the girls.  There will be work days that are planned and productive.  And there will be a healthier lifestyle with plenty of walking and water. And there will also be time for just Ro and I to have adult conversations that don't involve children, thaw or house stuff. Oh, and lots of dinners with friends and family.

I hope you are having a wonderful start to the year, with many positive thoughts about the future.  I know I am.

Some Christmas snaps (with my lovely new camera)
We dined alfresco on Christmas day, with family
This was the biggest hit on the day - Tia's new car
Tia has a new favourite nook
We recently spent the afternoon at Kate's farm.  (Thanks Steph for suggesting it!)  She crocheted up a storm while I watched in awe.

Tia loved the chooks
Laney ran around with the other kids while we just chilled here.