Well I know I have fallen back into my bad blogging habits, but I have excuses.. really.  I have been busy getting myself into some new good habits.  Over the festive season, I, like many others, have been reflecting on the past year, and realised that I really wanted and needed to make some changes in my life.  

The past year has been a rollercoaster of a year.  And although it was really tough at times, it was also kinda special at others.  We bought this home of ours, which was a definitely a highlight.  We celebrated our baby's first birthday, and watched her walk for the first time.  Our big girl started kinder, and ballet - which she has really enjoyed.  Our magazine has grown and changed, and helped me learn so much - about people, running a business, and myself. We also bought our sweet little Kombi, and took it for fun trips. On the other hand, this year has brought some tough times.  With the magazine putting a lot of stress in our lives, the renovations being tough on Ro's body, moving house (which Laney really didn't enjoy) and Ro and I generally feeling overworked, and underappreciated a lot of the time.  BUT wait, this year is going to be different!  And I am already organised and ready to face the year with enthusiasm.

I have written a list, of all the things that I want to achieve this year.  I have already cleaned up my desk, and started a new work routine that will allow me to prioritise my time better.  There are going to be more trips away - with nothing but R & R on the schedule.  There will be more playtime with the girls.  There will be work days that are planned and productive.  And there will be a healthier lifestyle with plenty of walking and water. And there will also be time for just Ro and I to have adult conversations that don't involve children, thaw or house stuff. Oh, and lots of dinners with friends and family.

I hope you are having a wonderful start to the year, with many positive thoughts about the future.  I know I am.

Some Christmas snaps (with my lovely new camera)
We dined alfresco on Christmas day, with family
This was the biggest hit on the day - Tia's new car
Tia has a new favourite nook
We recently spent the afternoon at Kate's farm.  (Thanks Steph for suggesting it!)  She crocheted up a storm while I watched in awe.

Tia loved the chooks
Laney ran around with the other kids while we just chilled here.


Kate said...

What a gorgeous afternoon we had! Let's play again soon. Maybe a combi camping trip here? You are taking ace photos with your new camera btw. XX

Elizabeth said...

I forgot to plant my sunflowers - found the seeds behind the bookcase in the great post-Christmas clean-up. How lovely to see yours!