The plan yesterday, was to see if we could sell some magazines at the Pleasant Street Market. The answer is a resounding "no". We didn't sell many at all!

The exciting thing though, was that I roped my friend Louisa into coming along and sharing the stall with me, and selling some of her gorgeous illustrations which she has printed on cards. And she had a lot more success than I did. I am so pleased for her. This is the start of something big for her, I am sure. Mark my words.

Yesterday I received a message from a friend, who was going to pop over for a coffee in the afternoon, and I mentioned in my message back that I was feeling a little flat. I said I was looking forward to seeing her smiling face, as this is exactly how I felt. And what do you know, when she arrived, I not only saw her smiling face, but a lovely bunch of flowers (with some chockie) that she bought on her way over, to cheer me up. What a gal!

The funny thing is, that I called her today, and asked if she would mind if I picked up her little girl after school today, for playdate with Laney (who has been asking for one), and she was pleased to hear from me, because she needed a babysitter this afternoon, due to a last minute meeting she has to attend. Doesn't it feel great when you can rely on a friend, and know that they can rely on you too. What would we do without them, huh!? I honestly don't know.

I get a lot of emails forwarded to me, about friendships, and all the reasons we should appreciate them. But I think it's when stuff like this happens, or after a wonderful weekend spent with friends having laughs, that you feel it the most. So to all my friends, old and new - life wouldn't be the same without you, thanks!

And thank-you for the flowers, Lou!

Kim x

I love this little nook in the kitchen.

I know it has been forever since we posted anything, but it has just been a little chaotic here. I know that may seem weird, since we have finally settled in, and stopped the major reno's, but now we have to get back into work. Due to the reno's, and putting everything else on hold, I have had so much thaw stuff to get organised these last couple of weeks. And Ro has all his thaw stuff, photographic jobs, as well as a fulltime job to get back into. I am happy to report, though, that we are starting to get back into our routine. Ro and I have actually been getting up BEFORE the girls, and getting organised in the mornings. Ro has even been walking the dog in the mornings, and I am (pretty much) on top of the housework. And I even think thaw will go to print on time - haven't missed a dealine yet, but it always feels like we might.

On the weekends, Ro has been really enjoying getting out into the garden when he can, and he now has so much stuff planted. Before long we will actually have an established garden. It is looking so good. I am glad at least one of us in a green thumb. Here are some pics, which don't really do it justice.

Terracotta pots are a favourite of ours.

This Rosemary will provide a cute little hedge along the front path.

Lots of colourful bulbs will pop up soon, to surround this pathway.

Our back shed will one day be covered in these creeping beauties.

Vegies in the beds, and fruit trees along the fence... yum.

Indigenous Poa grow along the path, and other natives surround our Olive tree.

People often say to me that they wished they lived with a photographer, so that they always had someone who knows what they are doing to capture their special moments on film. But what they don't realise is that a photographer is like a plumber or carpenter - the last job they do is the one at home. I have been asking Ro to take some nice photos of the girls for a long time, and he mentioned he would take some this weekend gone. Well, he hasn't taken them. So I had to try and take some myself. They don't compare to his, but at least I have some. Our little Tia started crawling this week, and Helena is just becoming all "big girl" on me. She amazes me with the things that come out of her mouth. "Mum, can you please help me? I'm fuggling (struggling)". They are my little treasures.

Oh, and I must say, that I did realise why he takes so many photos of the house stuff, and not the kids. The house stays still!



No, I am not pregnant or anything. We have just been given a beautiful kitten (free to a good home). He is a big kitten, as he is 6 months old, but he still behaves like one. Very playful. He has a lovely temperament, and is very well house-trained. (Cats are much easier that way, than dogs.) The kids love him. And he and Peggy are having fun together already. Welcome to the family, Bender.

I didn't mention in my earlier post that the kids are also obviously starting to feel more settled too. Both the girls went a little crazy as the move grew closer, and were really feeling odd about the move, I think. Tia stopped sleeping through the night, and started waking a few times each night. Laney started clinging to mummy, and even started crying when I dropped her at kinder. Apparently this is all normal behaviour, according to everyone I speak to, but that doesn't make it any easier. I am happy to say, though, that they are starting to show signs of recovery from the upheaval.

I think that the fact that I am able to enjoy days of fun domesticity helps. Laney has been dying to make a cake with me, and yesterday she and I made a low-fat chocolate orange cake. And to keep the big kid in the family happy I cooked a clay pot chicken dinner for me and Ro. It was nice to spend the afternoon in the kitchen. I missed that kind of thing while we were busy renovating. Too many toasted sandwiches, eggs on toast and take-away.

It's nice to feel settled again.

Kim x

Tia is enjoying the new floors, you can really slide around on floorboards.