I didn't mention in my earlier post that the kids are also obviously starting to feel more settled too. Both the girls went a little crazy as the move grew closer, and were really feeling odd about the move, I think. Tia stopped sleeping through the night, and started waking a few times each night. Laney started clinging to mummy, and even started crying when I dropped her at kinder. Apparently this is all normal behaviour, according to everyone I speak to, but that doesn't make it any easier. I am happy to say, though, that they are starting to show signs of recovery from the upheaval.

I think that the fact that I am able to enjoy days of fun domesticity helps. Laney has been dying to make a cake with me, and yesterday she and I made a low-fat chocolate orange cake. And to keep the big kid in the family happy I cooked a clay pot chicken dinner for me and Ro. It was nice to spend the afternoon in the kitchen. I missed that kind of thing while we were busy renovating. Too many toasted sandwiches, eggs on toast and take-away.

It's nice to feel settled again.

Kim x

Tia is enjoying the new floors, you can really slide around on floorboards.


Ballarat Vintage Style said...

Good warming food for cold winter days :)

Anonymous said...

How sweet is that little button poking her head around the doorway...just love that big smile of hers.

Not a biased nan...much!