It's lovely to finally be living in the house that we have been imagining for so long. We have been driving everybody quite crazy, I'm sure, with all the plans we discuss with them, any chance we can. But we have had a very clear vision of what we would do with our "blank canvass" of a place, and now it feels like we have what we have been waiting for. I have to say that I am quite proud of the shelving in the living room. Not only because it was such a big job, and it has transformed the whole room, but because this is the only project where I have taken control and Ro hasn't really been involved. With all the stuff he has done to the place before we moved in, I was dying to be able to get my hands dirty. And finally I have.

The plans were drawn up a few weeks ago. The tradesman has come and built them to my plans. And I (along with the help of Lynne, yet again!) have sanded them, filled the gaps and painted them white. The end result, with all of our "stuff" in them, is quite a contrast from the blank white wall we had before.

It was so much fun filling the shelves on the weekend. Memories of overseas trips, daytrips to antique shops, childhood shenanigans and adventures all came flooding back as we unpacked boxes of photo albums, report cards, letters, and so many books and trinkets. For those of you wondering - "La Dolce Vita" (on our shelves) means "the Sweet Life" in Italian, and after spending a month there a couple of years back, we felt well aquainted with the phrase, and often feel very lucky to have the life we have, so we think it's a nice reminder.

I am working on more photo's for the blog. Shame I'm not the photographer that Rohan is. Might have to wait for him to take them.

Kim x

You can see how much the shelves look like my plans...