We can't wait to have at least ONE room totally finished but it seems like little unexpected things keep popping up.....and of course the cost of things is never what you expect. All the research you do seems to go down the drain. But there is progress, and we keep doing a little more each day.

One of the best things of this reno project has been the excuse for me to hire a selection of power tools that usually reside in the hands of 'real men' in high visibility apparel. I ditched the high viz but I did hire a Jackhammer on the weekend and took out 4 meters of unwanted concrete. Now the photos make the backyard look like a bomb site BUT with the concrete gone (sorry Dad) I can now start the landscaping and planting. Then the yard will completely change from a barren rental wasteland into a productive food bowl.

The hallway entrance is almost done, with the old green factory lamp shade installed and the antique coat rack I've been dragging from one rental to another is finally installed into the wall. Lovely Lynne (aka Mum) sourced a wonderful four panel front door from an antique supplier and it's actually a door from the old convent just up the street, it's an oldie and will replace the dicey glass front door which is horrid to say the least. The old door is in the final stages of restoration, I'm hoping Mum took photos so I can show you the work that she's put into it.

Here's a few pic's to give you an update.



Anonymous said...

What a great find! You'll have a piece of local history hanging in your doorway.