To top off five weeks of renovating the house I spent my last weekend at a Hindu wedding for a client. I've never been to an Indian wedding, and I feel very privileged to have been chosen. I got an insight to another world. The family was so nice and welcoming, the outfits and bling, like OMG! But the best part about it was that is was absolute chaos. Not like the normal 20min same same that I've had for the last four years, but real chaos. The Hindu priest spoke a different dialect, there were regional differences in the ceremony, it was just brilliant to watch. Loved every minute of it. 

Vaz & Vijay

Vaz & Vijay

Vaz & Vijay


Anonymous said...

Her hands are so beautiful. It's such a nice tradition. Lucky you to be involved in such a special day.

LMA49 said...

What a great exerience Ro. An insight into another culture and lovely photos too. Good work.

kirri-joy said...

these photos are beautiful!