These images from Atlanta Homes Magazine are why we are painting the house white inside. It's classic, crisp and clean. It will never go out of fashion, like feature walls, textured paint finishes, stick-on decals and wall paper. It's understated, uncomplicated and perfectly contrasts your homely contents like a gallery showcase.

In any case, I've already purchased all the white paint. No going back now ;-)

The last few weeks have been decidedly chilly. The cold winds from Antarctica are back and the night time chill gives you a slap in the face if your not prepared for it. Snow has started to fall on the Alps, five weeks ahead of the official snow season. This cold Autumn weather reminds me of Paris, Zurich and Lago di Como, where we enjoyed wearing our scarves and beanies walking the streets discovering hidden gems. Soon we might get some snow in town just like we have over the last few years, which is always a special treat. Maybe this year I might get some decent photos of snow covered naked trees, a lonesome silhouette against a blanket of white snow.

I just hope it doesn't get in the way of paint drying! Which starts on Monday next week. So far the weather looks like 14 degrees!!!

Lago Di Como Autumn 07

Zurich Autumn 07

West Bank Paris Autumn 07

Tuscany Autumn 07 (This is where we stayed! How beautiful are the vineyards with golden Autumn leaves)

This was Mt Bunninyong last winter. BBBUUURRR (I love Ballarat)

I found these photos that I took at a friends place, like last century or something . For no reason whatsoeva I've decided to share them. This wall paper is so bad it's good. The place reminds me of gold, copper and brass, I have no idea why. 
The furniture, which was all sourced from 'oppies' and garage sale type events made the rooms so 'nooky' and cute.
Our friends have since separated and moved away, but one of them still has the furniture, not a very interesting bit of information, but I'm glad she still has it.

It's been a few weeks since I've taken pictures of our recent acquisitions and received gifts. Garage sales/yard sales are still providing gems, along with large skips and early evening bin raids. This is the last weekend we have until I'm on leave and the renovations start. I'm actually getting a bit concerned that I'm not going to be able to get everything finished in time before the date that has been set for us to vacate our rental property. Oh Joy. At least it might make for some interesting 'working against the clock' renovations. Today I'm going to buy all the paint and gear and maybe some second hand overalls!

Thanks Shaz
new treasure and presents

You're still #1 Juz! xoxox (even if you make me wear buttons that say 'I love man tights')
new treasure and presents

I've given this a lick of primer but it needs a top coat, but it still looks better than it did in the maxi skip!
new treasure and presents

What a gem. It's going on Kim's desk. We made a deal. Don't ask
new treasure and presents
Oh Pretty Iris. A pressie for Kim from the Sunday Markets at Ballarat. In the background is Van Gogh's 'Irises'
new treasure and presents
$2 find at a Garage sale
new treasure and presents

Funny story. It's actually a fish tank ornament.
new treasure and presents

You can never have enough of these.
new treasure and presents

Tacky world souvenirs.
new treasure and presents

H. Self Portrait
new treasure and presents

$50 for the set. Garage sale Point Lonsdale
new treasure and presents


It always amazes me how particular images seem to stop me in my tracks and make me take notice. The rest are obviously crap. ;-)
A few little diddy's that have caught my eye, well both of them in fact.

I'd love a timber frame mirror like this but the frame to be black....just like my heart. (image from From More Ways to Waste Time)

A simple coffee table with drawers to keep the mess hidden. It's all smoke and mirrors folks

My lovely Sister bought us some really nice Salt and Pepper grinders but the Salt grinder has ceased up, which means we're in the market from some newbies. However we have decided after much debate and workshop that we will just get nice shakers and have a grinder just for cracked pepper. How bought these beauties? 
(Image from Automatisim)

Can an office space get any cooler? A mood wall to inspire you for fashion, design and hunting. Perfect. (Image from Automatisim)

We finally have the cover locked in for our Winter issue of Thaw Magazine!

It's warm and cosy and very suitable for winter. 

Thanks to the lovely Freya Hollick for being our cover girl, check out her lovely music here

Thaw Four

OK, so who wouldn't be in love with this baby? Have a look at this cosy corner that I have found myself enjoying. (And in the new place there will be more room to spread out.) We didn't get the leather, so in the cooler weather it is nice and warm. And with the perfect ergonomic design, you put your feet up on the pouffe and you're instantly comfy. Your coffee cup even sits nicely on the arm. I rest my case.


By now we are pulling our hair out in anticipation. Hopefully in two weeks time our hair will be covered in white paint and saw dust! It's been a long arduous journey waiting to have our own house again, but the light has appeared and 14 days shall pass, and keys shall be in hand.

What's the first thing I'll do? Take photos of course. I'll spend the first morning documenting everything as it is, and then we can capture the process and changes going forward, bad reno attire and all!

We got our little gift from Rudd, which has been converted in some part to Kim' new boyfriend aka POANG. Don't ask.

I on the other hand resort to painting things that I find from rummaging through mini-skips, and waxing old discarded Sultana boxes to be used as book shelves. What a garbo! Hey it all works out in the end, even if my wife has a penchant for Swedish objects and smooth design.  I guess I've sired twice so I no longer serve a great purpose ;-)

Anyhow, some lovely pics from around the globe....mmmm eye candy

PS. Also I finally found out where to buy these beauties, which until now have only been available in the US. But $300! Ouch....but I'm still drooling.

We are so getting a white shagpile!

Good bookshelf clutter

I'd love to find a map drawer cabinet like this one day. We have one at work but it's metal

I love bikes in houses. It's like they don't belong.....but they do! 
And how good does that dark timber floor look?

The long weekend was spent reading a heap of mags. But three in particular got a few double and even triple reads......

We went to the beach (Ocean Grove) for the Easter break with our good friends Juz, Sime and Molly. It was chaos and fun at the same time. The girls ran around and kept themselves entertained while we all did our best to lounge around reading books and magazines.

We're back home now and the whole house is sick with colds, coughs and runny noses.

But it was good to let our hair down now because in three weeks time it's all about painting and polishing floors for four straight weeks. And then we have to actually move all our stuff in. Chaos!

I can't wait though! This week I might even head down to one of the op-shops and buy a pair of pre-loved overalls.

We made some little purchase's for the house on the weekend, I'll take some pics soon and post our recent haul of treasures.

Hope you all had a great Easter break. And for those of you retired, I hope you enjoyed the long weekend the same as every other week. ;-)


Easter Bunnies

Long weekends at the beach

I arrived at home last night to be greeted by a massive industrial skip a few houses up. It was covered in hardwood, perfect for our open fireplace. I knocked on the door asked politely if I could take some and the lady said take what ever you want, don't make a mess.
So as I was rummaging I came across some treasure. This cuckoo clock made in West Germany and the Fob watch also made in Germany. We got the fob watch working and it keeps good time, the Cuckoo Clock will have to get repaired, luckily my boss's dad is an expert at repairing old clocks especially the German type! Various other gems not photographed such as 50's magazine stand and 760's orange lamp with shade.

It's amazing what gets thrown out. It would be good if more people sent it off to the Salvos' or Vinnies or what ever. At least some of this stuff got recycled and will be enjoyed for years to come.