It's lovely to finally be living in the house that we have been imagining for so long. We have been driving everybody quite crazy, I'm sure, with all the plans we discuss with them, any chance we can. But we have had a very clear vision of what we would do with our "blank canvass" of a place, and now it feels like we have what we have been waiting for. I have to say that I am quite proud of the shelving in the living room. Not only because it was such a big job, and it has transformed the whole room, but because this is the only project where I have taken control and Ro hasn't really been involved. With all the stuff he has done to the place before we moved in, I was dying to be able to get my hands dirty. And finally I have.

The plans were drawn up a few weeks ago. The tradesman has come and built them to my plans. And I (along with the help of Lynne, yet again!) have sanded them, filled the gaps and painted them white. The end result, with all of our "stuff" in them, is quite a contrast from the blank white wall we had before.

It was so much fun filling the shelves on the weekend. Memories of overseas trips, daytrips to antique shops, childhood shenanigans and adventures all came flooding back as we unpacked boxes of photo albums, report cards, letters, and so many books and trinkets. For those of you wondering - "La Dolce Vita" (on our shelves) means "the Sweet Life" in Italian, and after spending a month there a couple of years back, we felt well aquainted with the phrase, and often feel very lucky to have the life we have, so we think it's a nice reminder.

I am working on more photo's for the blog. Shame I'm not the photographer that Rohan is. Might have to wait for him to take them.

Kim x

You can see how much the shelves look like my plans...

Finally we have a wall of sturdy shelves built properly, and to our specs. It's the first time I think we've ever done anything like this. And to be honest, even with the mixed reactions we are so happy with the end result.  A few photos which don't really do it justice, it looks better in the flesh, with it full of all our crap!


I honestly don't know how we get anything done in this house. This morning was fairly typical, and when I was just thinking about it, I felt the need to share the details. First I had to prepare three separate breakfasts (nobody eats the same thing in this house), iron shirts, hang out washing, take out rubbish. Then I had to deal with the spilled full glass of chockie milk that ended up on two chairs, the table, the fridge and the floor. Then there is the tradie who turned up to finish building our shelves in the living room, and keeps asking me to come into the room to see "How's this looking, boss?" (At least he is a nice man, and is doing a great job). Oh, and did I mention the giant framed picture that we had moved temporarily into Laney's room (while the tradie is here) that she knocked over, and smashed into millions of tiny pieces of glass?? It's absolute chaos here. I think you are getting the picture.

Even though I am desperately trying to get ready for the Thaw production meeting tonight, and not having any success at all, there are little things that lift my mood. The highlight of the day has to be when I had both the girls on my knee earlier (because they both needed mummy cuddles at the same time), whilst Laney told us a story about two mice, who got lost in the forest, met friendly wolves, witches and took elephant rides, and lived (thankfully!) "happily ever after". It may be chaos, but it IS worth it.

Kim x

Oh, and just to let you know how the reno's are going, Ro has been busy in the garden, the shelves will be painted tomorrow, and my kitchen is nearly finished. Will post some photo's shortly.

This is the historic door from Loretto Convent in Ballarat, thanks to my lovely Mum for the photos and the resto work. I got word last night that Lynne has put the final coat on the front door....oh yeah!

The kitchen is looking a little different but still has a long way to go, at least it's no longer 'POO Brown'!

We need to put the final coat on the walls, and paint the bench tiles white, clean the masking tape off the windows, paint the skirting boards, fit out the pantry, install more internal shelves in the upper cupboards, and make the blackboard wall. Just ad it to the list of work still to be done around the house. It's enjoyable, but difficult with the kids and me being back at work. The place is amazingly functional when you can find it underneath the random power tools and renovating paraphernalia.

Eventually we'll be done, and it doesn't really fuss us, it's our little place and that alone brings a smile to our respective faces.


In the beginning....

We can't wait to have at least ONE room totally finished but it seems like little unexpected things keep popping up.....and of course the cost of things is never what you expect. All the research you do seems to go down the drain. But there is progress, and we keep doing a little more each day.

One of the best things of this reno project has been the excuse for me to hire a selection of power tools that usually reside in the hands of 'real men' in high visibility apparel. I ditched the high viz but I did hire a Jackhammer on the weekend and took out 4 meters of unwanted concrete. Now the photos make the backyard look like a bomb site BUT with the concrete gone (sorry Dad) I can now start the landscaping and planting. Then the yard will completely change from a barren rental wasteland into a productive food bowl.

The hallway entrance is almost done, with the old green factory lamp shade installed and the antique coat rack I've been dragging from one rental to another is finally installed into the wall. Lovely Lynne (aka Mum) sourced a wonderful four panel front door from an antique supplier and it's actually a door from the old convent just up the street, it's an oldie and will replace the dicey glass front door which is horrid to say the least. The old door is in the final stages of restoration, I'm hoping Mum took photos so I can show you the work that she's put into it.

Here's a few pic's to give you an update.


This not a true before and after because we haven't actually finished the tiling (this weekends project) but here is a sneaky shot to give you a little idea of what the fire place now looks like with our mantle piece. Just like the dentist using OralB we can't actually show his face.

Thanks to Pete, Lynne and Tone for their help on this one.


Feral before hand

The almost there gas fire

To top off five weeks of renovating the house I spent my last weekend at a Hindu wedding for a client. I've never been to an Indian wedding, and I feel very privileged to have been chosen. I got an insight to another world. The family was so nice and welcoming, the outfits and bling, like OMG! But the best part about it was that is was absolute chaos. Not like the normal 20min same same that I've had for the last four years, but real chaos. The Hindu priest spoke a different dialect, there were regional differences in the ceremony, it was just brilliant to watch. Loved every minute of it. 

Vaz & Vijay

Vaz & Vijay

Vaz & Vijay

Just a note to let you know that we are still busy doing stuff at the house, and haven't forgotten about the blog. There are just a few little added touchs that are needed in a few of the rooms, before we will be happy take some "after" shots. Want to get them done, before we do.

Ro is back at work today, so he was feeling a little sad to leave this morning. And although I don't have a workplace to go to (other than our home office) I have to get back into thaw stuff. It's nice to have an office, now, though. We are really starting to enjoy our new home.

Will make sure we take some photo's of our progress this week.


Helena and Peggy enjoying the warmth of our new heater.