Finally we have a wall of sturdy shelves built properly, and to our specs. It's the first time I think we've ever done anything like this. And to be honest, even with the mixed reactions we are so happy with the end result.  A few photos which don't really do it justice, it looks better in the flesh, with it full of all our crap!



Anonymous said...

That is the bookshelf of my dreams. I've always wanted one custom built to fit various vases, huge fashion books, my ever growing Vogue collection, and various bits and pieces. Good job guys.

Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful set of shelves there. Lots of old books,pictures and collectables help tell the world who you are and what is important to you. It's like displaying your hearts to all who can see. Good work. I'm so glad you are pleased. - Poppy Pete
P.S. I like the yacht too. (aaagh!)

chloeisabear said...

Im really jealous of your book collection. Ive just started mine. Up to 2 green bags full! haha :)