Ro took these lovely ones...

Christmas wishes...

I don't think so!

I know it's been a long time, and I have to admit I have been losing enthusiasm for the whole blog thing, but I thought I would keep my mum happy by posting something.

Here is a couple of pics (Ro has taken) from recent fun we've been having with the girls.

Laney's BFF Sarah came for tea

Fun at the Ballarat Show

Perfect Sunday =

Ro lets me sleep in and takes care of getting the girls brekky

Family pile in to Dottie (Kombi)

Talbot Farmers Market - fresh produce, trash and treasures

Tuki Trout Farm for Ro to pick up some fish for smoking

Captains Creek Winery - delicious wine and cheese platter by the open fireplace while the kids play

Home for cuddles on the couch with my big girl while watching Junior Masterchef

More wine and cuddles with my fella on the couch while we watch a scary movie


Fifteen years ago I spent the night of a university ball sitting at a table for most of the night talking to (flirting with) this guy who I thought was pretty hot, and funny, and interesting, and later that night found out that he was a damn good kisser. Fast forward fifteen years, and he still makes me laugh, he is my best friend and I still think he's hot. Shame I married Ro instead, huh. Just kidding. Happy anniversary, my love.

This is just outside the cottage we stayed in at Dunkeld for our anniversary. Very relaxing.

I know I haven't blogged in a million years, but I have just had so much going on that I haven't known where to begin, and it all seemed too much. I will post some more details soon. In the meantime I will leave you with a quote from Helena while we were away. As she held a long pointy cone shell to her head, "Look Mum, I'm a unicorn!"

These are from Ro's blog from Tassie.

I am having a pretty terrific week this week.  As we are all getting excited about upcoming birthdays and our trip to Tasmania on Monday, we have also spent time hanging out with great friends in the past 24 hours which has just been so much fun.  Yesterday I went to visit my sister and nephew, with my girls and my dad.  We had a great day just hanging out. Last night we went out for dinner and drinks to our local pub with friends, and I had a fantastic time, laughing a lot.  Then this morning other good friends from Melbourne who were passing through town popped in and had a quick visit which was a very welcome surprise.  I really do feel blessed to have such wonderful friends.  I think I may have actually told them all this a lot last night during my tipsy ramblings, but it really is true. They are so warm, fun, hilarious and well, good friends.  Thanks for a great night, all!

Lou and Em - Two of my gorgeous friends.
Lately Friday night has been tent night 
Just had to include this pic, because I think she looks beautiful. Taken while she was sick on the couch.
I am making plans for these babies
Just been adding pictures to the wall.
Again with the beautiful! Sleeping in the tent. New promo picture Shannon?
How awesome is this Princess Leia card Helena and I made for my sister. 
Check out the red gun, and her signature buns.
Lovely pressies I got yesterday.  I think the theme was handmade or red. So spoilt! 
Kombi badge and journal made by Steph (Doily) and bag made by my sis.

Why do my girls have to fight with each other so much?  I know it is frustrating for both of them. One is too young to do all the things her big sister can do, and the other gets annoyed by the fact that her little sister doesn't understand the importance of leaving the teddies exactly where they are because they are in the middle of a picnic. But do they have to scream and pull hair?  

Kim x

Ro has a new blog, and I am really digging it.  He is taking a million photos and posting all the time.  Check it out. Daybook Exchange.

I have this problem with clumsiness.  OK, I've said it. It's out there.  It is very frustrating for those who spend a lot of time with me, and I do feel for people like Rohan, and my Mum who put up with it for the 22 years that she lived with me.  I can remember spending a week away with my closest girlfriends in my mid-twenties and mentioning it, to which they said they hadn't noticed. Bless them. I think I spilt about five drinks over the course of that week, (granted they were alcoholic) but there was no denying it after that. I appear to go through certain periods of high clumsiness every so often, and I have been contemplating why that occurs?  Is it from lack of sleep, lack of a certain vitamin, lack of sex, lack of something? I haven't managed to figure it out. Whatever the cause, I seem to be going through one at the moment, having sliced the top of my finger off with a newly sharpened knife and setting fire to an oven mitt within a 24 hour period. Thankfully I am experienced enough to act quickly when these happenings occur. Although I have to say fire isn't usually my forte.  I hope this phase is done now.  

Kim x

I just cleaned my car.  What a horrible job.  With bits of biscuits, Macca's chips, banana peel and general rubble smooshed into every surface, it took someone at the carwash place less time to clean their commercial bus than for me to vacuum mine.  Wonder how long this cleanliness will last? Couple of days?


Sure it's been raining. Raining and cold. The wind stinging with rain, coming in from all directions. Dams are full, tanks overflow, roads are hazardous. But it puts a big smile on our faces. It brings promise that this summer will be a very, very good season.

When the weekend finally comes round, we don't stay indoors moaning about the winter weather, instead we get out amongst it. Putting Thaw magazine to bed was the right thing to do as we can finally enjoy weekends as a family without working! We all load up in Dotty and head off, usually with a pretty vague idea of where we want to go. We just head to Creswick and take it from there. If there's a market on we'll go to it....the amount of treasure we've bought is great. We found a great old wooden shoe cleaning box, an old ladder for our high bookshelf, an old tin First Aid wall unit, and books galore. We've been to the garden of St Earth in Blackwood and got seeds for the next veggie season. We've hit the Daylesford and Trentham markets treasure hunting. We picked up fresh trout at Tuki, we relaxed fireside at the cute cellar door of Captains Creek Vineyard quaffing their stunning Pinot Noir.

If your lucky enough to live out in the country like we do, then I recommend a drive around to check out all the water in the paddocks and the creeks. We had a ball yesterday driving over flooded creek and river crossings in the Kombi. So much fun!!! Creeks are running for the first time in years, some that I've never seen flow before!

And to keep inline with our new balanced work/life balance, we've booked a trip over to Tasmania in Spring. We're more excited than the kids! This happiness is sickening.


Yippee!!! Another road trip!!

Dotty. Our vehicle of adventure out for a bush picnic.

Garden of St Earth, Blackwood

Garden of St Earth, Blackwood

Garden of St Earth, Blackwood (The most important tree in the collection)

Trentham falls FLOWING!

Picnic at Trentham falls

Daylesford Sunday Market (At the old train station)

New duffle coat of pure wool from Creswick Wollen Mills. It's made to last, unlike the crap from available at our wonderful department stores.

Stunning Trout we bagged from Tuki, one of these ended up smoked and used in a delish pasta dish last night.

Hi-jinx at Captains Creek Winery.

Our dream weekender cottage at Captains Creek

Running through the Olive Trees. No doubt they were up to no good.

It rained outside, we sat here and drank the Pinot. It sucked. Wish you could have joined us. Really.

The Cellar Door

The booze.

The mud.

A Dooer-upper?

And my truck is finally legally mine....all fixed and ready for hauling and hunting!

In answer to Ro's question from my perspective, I have been busy doing other stuff.  I certainly spend a  lot less time in front of a computer now that we no longer do Thaw. And I have to say I am loving it! I was the picture of domestic goddess-ness yesterday.  Picture this - me, in an cute little apron, baking cakes and cooking dinner at 4 in the afternoon! "Who is this woman, and what has happened to Kim?" I hear you ask. Well, I just have to admit that sometimes I really enjoy this "stay at home Mum" thing.  I figure I had better enjoy it while it lasts. Oh, and yesterday wasn't really the norm, I just made a promise to Laney.  She tells me I am definitely still "in".( Masterchef, that is.)

The girls very proudly display their butterflies on the fridge.
I found some great crochet patterns at an Oppy the other day.
Yesterdays cake
And a fruit and nut loaf for us grown ups
All baked with the help of my new little beauty
The chocky cake is from here. The CWA cook book handed down from lovely MIL.

Have been enjoying my colourful scarf I just finished
Few works in progress. This will be a cardie for Tia.
Granny square blanket for us, in the making.
I've been meaning to post a finished photo. Here's Tia's elephant.