In answer to Ro's question from my perspective, I have been busy doing other stuff.  I certainly spend a  lot less time in front of a computer now that we no longer do Thaw. And I have to say I am loving it! I was the picture of domestic goddess-ness yesterday.  Picture this - me, in an cute little apron, baking cakes and cooking dinner at 4 in the afternoon! "Who is this woman, and what has happened to Kim?" I hear you ask. Well, I just have to admit that sometimes I really enjoy this "stay at home Mum" thing.  I figure I had better enjoy it while it lasts. Oh, and yesterday wasn't really the norm, I just made a promise to Laney.  She tells me I am definitely still "in".( Masterchef, that is.)

The girls very proudly display their butterflies on the fridge.
I found some great crochet patterns at an Oppy the other day.
Yesterdays cake
And a fruit and nut loaf for us grown ups
All baked with the help of my new little beauty
The chocky cake is from here. The CWA cook book handed down from lovely MIL.

Have been enjoying my colourful scarf I just finished
Few works in progress. This will be a cardie for Tia.
Granny square blanket for us, in the making.
I've been meaning to post a finished photo. Here's Tia's elephant.


rachel skrobalak said...

ha ha! love the master chef gag! how good is cooking! earl and i started a chicken dumpling soup yesterday and it has so many cooking processes we are finishing it off today...all at a leisurely pace. i don't know what's come over me either...winter? so glad you are enjoying life post thaw x