Sure it's been raining. Raining and cold. The wind stinging with rain, coming in from all directions. Dams are full, tanks overflow, roads are hazardous. But it puts a big smile on our faces. It brings promise that this summer will be a very, very good season.

When the weekend finally comes round, we don't stay indoors moaning about the winter weather, instead we get out amongst it. Putting Thaw magazine to bed was the right thing to do as we can finally enjoy weekends as a family without working! We all load up in Dotty and head off, usually with a pretty vague idea of where we want to go. We just head to Creswick and take it from there. If there's a market on we'll go to it....the amount of treasure we've bought is great. We found a great old wooden shoe cleaning box, an old ladder for our high bookshelf, an old tin First Aid wall unit, and books galore. We've been to the garden of St Earth in Blackwood and got seeds for the next veggie season. We've hit the Daylesford and Trentham markets treasure hunting. We picked up fresh trout at Tuki, we relaxed fireside at the cute cellar door of Captains Creek Vineyard quaffing their stunning Pinot Noir.

If your lucky enough to live out in the country like we do, then I recommend a drive around to check out all the water in the paddocks and the creeks. We had a ball yesterday driving over flooded creek and river crossings in the Kombi. So much fun!!! Creeks are running for the first time in years, some that I've never seen flow before!

And to keep inline with our new balanced work/life balance, we've booked a trip over to Tasmania in Spring. We're more excited than the kids! This happiness is sickening.


Yippee!!! Another road trip!!

Dotty. Our vehicle of adventure out for a bush picnic.

Garden of St Earth, Blackwood

Garden of St Earth, Blackwood

Garden of St Earth, Blackwood (The most important tree in the collection)

Trentham falls FLOWING!

Picnic at Trentham falls

Daylesford Sunday Market (At the old train station)

New duffle coat of pure wool from Creswick Wollen Mills. It's made to last, unlike the crap from available at our wonderful department stores.

Stunning Trout we bagged from Tuki, one of these ended up smoked and used in a delish pasta dish last night.

Hi-jinx at Captains Creek Winery.

Our dream weekender cottage at Captains Creek

Running through the Olive Trees. No doubt they were up to no good.

It rained outside, we sat here and drank the Pinot. It sucked. Wish you could have joined us. Really.

The Cellar Door

The booze.

The mud.

A Dooer-upper?

And my truck is finally legally mine....all fixed and ready for hauling and hunting!


Sophie said...

Oh Rohan, how cute are your little girls?! They're growing so big, Tia looks completely different since last time I saw her!

And so glad that you're loving the weekends off, without the added stress of Thaw. It's great that you're still able to appreciate all the awesomeness of this region - but know that it's your little family secret now (with a bit of blog sharing) and not have to worry about how to turn it into a story.

Makes me very happy to read lovely posts like this - and I'm a bit jealous - juggling rounds, freelance, uni and work on weekends! One day I hope for my own Dottie-inspired weekend adventures.


- Sophie x

Anonymous said...

that cabin rocks

rachel skrobalak said...

beautiful photos...what weekend fun!!