This morning I was called a "bitch" by my 3 year old. And before you all gasp at how terrible she is, I have to tell you it was definitely the first time she has ever said it. You should have seen the look on her face when she registered from my reaction that it was obviously not a word she should have said. It was actually very funny. It all started when her Dad joked with her that I was a "silly billy" or something to that effect. She then whispered to him that "no, she is a bitch". (Oh, I'm giggling as I write this). Then (when he stopped laughing) and I said, quite seriously, that it was not a nice way to describe anyone, and that she really shouldn't use it the word, she began to get all misty eyed, and hugged me and told me she was sorry and loved me. I had to tell her how funny it was to hear her say it, and I knew she didn't realise what it meant, so that she didn't burst into tears. Gosh they're precious little things at this age. Let's face it, I am sure she will be calling me that behind my back in about 10 years or so, but in the meantime, I will enjoy my sensitive little angel.

Here's the little angel in her cubby. Four poster beds are the best for cubbies!

I have had such a great weekend that I don't even mind that it's Monday. We finally got the magazine off to the printers, so the stress in the house has just left the building. We had friends over all weekend. Friday night Lou came over with her gorgeous girl, so Laney had a ball playing while we adults got to chat.

On Saturday one of my best and oldest friends, Jules, came to visit with her boyfriend (the lovely David). She and I have been friends since we were 15. She is the one who I got drunk with for the first time, who I have gone on a million camping trips, music festivals, big nights out, sleepovers with. We spent the night getting updated on all the important details in each others lives, and reminiscing about the silly things we've done in the past. The boys listened to records on the old Astor turntable and we didn't stop to take a breath. What a great way to spend an evening.

The next morning we went out for brekky, which we haven't done in ages, and then caught up with another friend, Steph, in the afternoon. It's so nice to spend the weekend with friends.

Hope you had a good one.

Laney and I had to bake cupcakes to finish off such a good weekend.

Our little Tia just smiled most of the weekend.

We painted a section of the study wall with blackboard paint. Can't wait to buy some chalk.

I've been taking a lot of photos lately, so thought I would show you what's going on in my life visually for a change. They don't compare to Rohan's photos but, meh... what can you do?

"Why did you stop tapping at this, Mum?"

"I think I made a mess Mum"


I just got dressed and asked my big girl casually how my shirt looks. Her response was "ummmm... it's ok, maybe you should roll your sleeves up?" "Really?" I ask. "Yeah, 'cause it looks a bit dorky." Laughter ensued.


I have been feeling quite horrible lately. Strep throat is so nasty. Ro describes it as swallowing razor blades, but I liken it to the feeling of having a marble covered in velcro in the back of your throat so that each time you swallow, your tonsils squeeze it, and get ripped apart. It doesn't really matter how you describe it, it doesn't make it any easier to cope with. Ro took the wine approach at night, to make him feel better. I was too much of a baby, and found that swallowing wine hurt too much, and soon gave up on that quick fix. I chose to alternate between paracetamol and nurofen.

It's hard being sick when you have small kids. Once they are three/four you can kind of leave them to their own devices, but an 11 month old actually needs a lot of looking after. And unfortunately a 3 year old just isn't responsible enough to look after their baby sister for you - no matter how much they try and tell you they are. So you really need to just soldier on and take a rest when you get the chance. Thursday morning it started and I am happy to say that after a visit to the docs and some antibiotics, I am now feeling quite human again.

I managed to drag my sorry bum out for a crafty gathering on Thursday night with some lovely talented girls and boy. Felt comfortable with them very quickly, which doesn't happen so often, so was a very nice night. It's great to meet like-minded people, who are down to earth and are happy to talk about their childhoods and what's important in their lives. The only down part for the night, was that since my throat was so sore I didn't get to taste all the fabulous food they had on offer.

Thanks to all those involved the other night. Looking forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks.

Since we have moved into the new place, Ro and I are enjoying the fact that we can get into our little shared office with ease, of an evening. Previously we shared an office with Tia, who was trying to sleep in there at night (obviously), so we couldn't really make a lot of noise, let alone speak to each other much. Now we get in there and get stuff done - turning to ask each other's opinion from time to time, and generally enjoying the productivity of it all. I honestly don't know how we managed before.

I am starting to get a bit excited about going to print next week. Although it tends to be a little chaotic at this stage of production, it's also great being able to see how pretty the pages look all laid out. The fashion shoot was last weekend, so the middle 8 pages look fantastic right now, so it's hard not to get excited. (Check out some of the teaser shots on Ro's and Steph's blogs.) I can't wait to see our baby in print. Here's hoping we can finalise everything in time.