I have been feeling quite horrible lately. Strep throat is so nasty. Ro describes it as swallowing razor blades, but I liken it to the feeling of having a marble covered in velcro in the back of your throat so that each time you swallow, your tonsils squeeze it, and get ripped apart. It doesn't really matter how you describe it, it doesn't make it any easier to cope with. Ro took the wine approach at night, to make him feel better. I was too much of a baby, and found that swallowing wine hurt too much, and soon gave up on that quick fix. I chose to alternate between paracetamol and nurofen.

It's hard being sick when you have small kids. Once they are three/four you can kind of leave them to their own devices, but an 11 month old actually needs a lot of looking after. And unfortunately a 3 year old just isn't responsible enough to look after their baby sister for you - no matter how much they try and tell you they are. So you really need to just soldier on and take a rest when you get the chance. Thursday morning it started and I am happy to say that after a visit to the docs and some antibiotics, I am now feeling quite human again.

I managed to drag my sorry bum out for a crafty gathering on Thursday night with some lovely talented girls and boy. Felt comfortable with them very quickly, which doesn't happen so often, so was a very nice night. It's great to meet like-minded people, who are down to earth and are happy to talk about their childhoods and what's important in their lives. The only down part for the night, was that since my throat was so sore I didn't get to taste all the fabulous food they had on offer.

Thanks to all those involved the other night. Looking forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks.


oscarmacoscar said...

Great to see you at the craft get together. Pity I had to leave early. So looking forward to the next one!
Im sending my well wishes and hope you feel better very soon xoxo

Kim said...

Thanks Kirsten. We're all much better now. xx