I have had such a great weekend that I don't even mind that it's Monday. We finally got the magazine off to the printers, so the stress in the house has just left the building. We had friends over all weekend. Friday night Lou came over with her gorgeous girl, so Laney had a ball playing while we adults got to chat.

On Saturday one of my best and oldest friends, Jules, came to visit with her boyfriend (the lovely David). She and I have been friends since we were 15. She is the one who I got drunk with for the first time, who I have gone on a million camping trips, music festivals, big nights out, sleepovers with. We spent the night getting updated on all the important details in each others lives, and reminiscing about the silly things we've done in the past. The boys listened to records on the old Astor turntable and we didn't stop to take a breath. What a great way to spend an evening.

The next morning we went out for brekky, which we haven't done in ages, and then caught up with another friend, Steph, in the afternoon. It's so nice to spend the weekend with friends.

Hope you had a good one.

Laney and I had to bake cupcakes to finish off such a good weekend.

Our little Tia just smiled most of the weekend.

We painted a section of the study wall with blackboard paint. Can't wait to buy some chalk.


RoLuc said...

love that chick!

Bluebell said...

That wall looks fabulous! Can't wait to draw on it ;)xo