Crochet attempts 1 + 2

And 3.

After a big weekend, Laney was in bed by 6.30 Sunday night.

You can tell I've been relaxing this weekend. Look at my crocheting achievements!

I have had the best weekend. It wouldn't have been possible without the fabulous Louisa and Sarah, babysitting our girls. Thank-you gorgeous girls.

For more details just check Ro's blog. Spa was splendiferous. So relaxing. Just a shame that my big girl was sick when we got home. Went to doc's today, and she is ok.

Feeling great. x

What a weekend. There was some sunshine for a change and we all got outdoors. Ro got busy in the backyard and completely changed the look of it, by rendering the back wall which is the neighbours brick shed. It looks completely different now. Instead of seeing a grey drab wall, there is colour. It will look even better when there are plants growing up and around it.

Stay tuned for more photo's when he builds the next part. I was going to tell you what we plan, but then it might spoil the surprise mightn't it ;-)

This is the garden on Saturday morning, looking out my kitchen window

This is the garden this morning

This is what the backyard looked like when we bought the house. A lot of concrete and a lot of wasted space.

This is the backyard today, with heaps of indigenous plants, vegies and fruit trees.

Laney added her special touch. A picture of Daddy working in the garden.

A closer view

Even though Rohan said he didn't want anything for Fathers Day this year, as he never really fusses about these days, I insisted on organising him a special gift. He loved his handmade gift that Helena made him at kinder, and said that it was all that he needed, but I felt the need to get something myself too. So I sneakily asked my gorgeous and talented friend Lou to draw him a picture of our girls, to surprise him. She created such beautiful pictures, and when Rohan got them, he got all emotional and overwhelmed. It was a lovely moment. So I thought I would share them with you...