What a weekend. There was some sunshine for a change and we all got outdoors. Ro got busy in the backyard and completely changed the look of it, by rendering the back wall which is the neighbours brick shed. It looks completely different now. Instead of seeing a grey drab wall, there is colour. It will look even better when there are plants growing up and around it.

Stay tuned for more photo's when he builds the next part. I was going to tell you what we plan, but then it might spoil the surprise mightn't it ;-)

This is the garden on Saturday morning, looking out my kitchen window

This is the garden this morning

This is what the backyard looked like when we bought the house. A lot of concrete and a lot of wasted space.

This is the backyard today, with heaps of indigenous plants, vegies and fruit trees.

Laney added her special touch. A picture of Daddy working in the garden.

A closer view


Bluebell said...

What a transformation! It looks fabulous! xo Helena's signature is so sweet.

Jodie said...

that colour makes a huge difference!

Lark said...

Gasp - we have the ugliest neighbour-garage ever, I like the idea of rendering. xx

Pictures Eat People said...

oh so inspiring! i love the little drawings. how fun is having a house to play with?! thanks for reminding me x

Meg said...

What is it about seeing houses and gardens transformed? I think it has the appeal of a journey, not just the aesthetics. As Freud said, the inner world creates the outer world. If that is so, you inner garden is in great shape too!