Crochet attempts 1 + 2

And 3.

After a big weekend, Laney was in bed by 6.30 Sunday night.

You can tell I've been relaxing this weekend. Look at my crocheting achievements!

I have had the best weekend. It wouldn't have been possible without the fabulous Louisa and Sarah, babysitting our girls. Thank-you gorgeous girls.

For more details just check Ro's blog. Spa was splendiferous. So relaxing. Just a shame that my big girl was sick when we got home. Went to doc's today, and she is ok.

Feeling great. x


Doily said...

hooray! granny square goodness!

oscarmacoscar said...

Wow you go girl! Nice crocheting...
I hear the we are meeting at your place next Thursday. Look forward to seeing you then xoxoxo

Kate said...

Yay, you worked out the granny! Looks ace!