I have absolutely no shame in admitting that I like Willie Nelson.

In fact he's part of a long line of 'country' artist's that get a good playing in our house. I've been ruthless with my iPod lately, removing the music that just isn't me. The stuff that is left over is all quality, and gee what a surprise! Most of it was recorded 30+ years ago! Seriously I'm really tired of the new shit. Most of it is just that, and has been since the 80's. There's only a handful of albums each year that really float my boat. The rest are just filler.

I was lucky enough to go backstage and meet Willie after a show about 10 years ago. Magic moment. He played for 3 hours, until his fingers were bleeding. Kim fell asleep. I sat starry eyed, at one of my musical hero's.

If your new to Willie, try these albums, Red Headed Stranger, Teatro, Spirit and for that really early stuff try, Country Willie sings his own songs.