Why do my girls have to fight with each other so much?  I know it is frustrating for both of them. One is too young to do all the things her big sister can do, and the other gets annoyed by the fact that her little sister doesn't understand the importance of leaving the teddies exactly where they are because they are in the middle of a picnic. But do they have to scream and pull hair?  

Kim x


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes they do, unfortunately it is the 'boundary setting routine' of who is really the toppest chick in the house. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have a rule (albiet a little easier to manage now they can both talk and understand my words) that if you can't play nicely together, neither of you get to play with the toys in question. I think one week they ended up with only 3 toys to play with (!) but it seems to have worked as they only need to be threatened with it now. Love Ky