I honestly don't know how we get anything done in this house. This morning was fairly typical, and when I was just thinking about it, I felt the need to share the details. First I had to prepare three separate breakfasts (nobody eats the same thing in this house), iron shirts, hang out washing, take out rubbish. Then I had to deal with the spilled full glass of chockie milk that ended up on two chairs, the table, the fridge and the floor. Then there is the tradie who turned up to finish building our shelves in the living room, and keeps asking me to come into the room to see "How's this looking, boss?" (At least he is a nice man, and is doing a great job). Oh, and did I mention the giant framed picture that we had moved temporarily into Laney's room (while the tradie is here) that she knocked over, and smashed into millions of tiny pieces of glass?? It's absolute chaos here. I think you are getting the picture.

Even though I am desperately trying to get ready for the Thaw production meeting tonight, and not having any success at all, there are little things that lift my mood. The highlight of the day has to be when I had both the girls on my knee earlier (because they both needed mummy cuddles at the same time), whilst Laney told us a story about two mice, who got lost in the forest, met friendly wolves, witches and took elephant rides, and lived (thankfully!) "happily ever after". It may be chaos, but it IS worth it.

Kim x

Oh, and just to let you know how the reno's are going, Ro has been busy in the garden, the shelves will be painted tomorrow, and my kitchen is nearly finished. Will post some photo's shortly.


The Observer said...

Dang I wish I had caught that story! I have no idea where the weird sense of imagination comes from ;-).

Your doing a stand up job and when you wear those overalls.....hallelujah!!!

Just think Thaw production = Wine and Laughs....'Cum stain Glenane' ring any bells?

shannon said...

creche. thats the only way I can get stuff done. well thats in reagrds to one of the kids (the smallest one)

and the other one is 5. she is way easy.