We went to the beach (Ocean Grove) for the Easter break with our good friends Juz, Sime and Molly. It was chaos and fun at the same time. The girls ran around and kept themselves entertained while we all did our best to lounge around reading books and magazines.

We're back home now and the whole house is sick with colds, coughs and runny noses.

But it was good to let our hair down now because in three weeks time it's all about painting and polishing floors for four straight weeks. And then we have to actually move all our stuff in. Chaos!

I can't wait though! This week I might even head down to one of the op-shops and buy a pair of pre-loved overalls.

We made some little purchase's for the house on the weekend, I'll take some pics soon and post our recent haul of treasures.

Hope you all had a great Easter break. And for those of you retired, I hope you enjoyed the long weekend the same as every other week. ;-)


Easter Bunnies

Long weekends at the beach