The last few weeks have been decidedly chilly. The cold winds from Antarctica are back and the night time chill gives you a slap in the face if your not prepared for it. Snow has started to fall on the Alps, five weeks ahead of the official snow season. This cold Autumn weather reminds me of Paris, Zurich and Lago di Como, where we enjoyed wearing our scarves and beanies walking the streets discovering hidden gems. Soon we might get some snow in town just like we have over the last few years, which is always a special treat. Maybe this year I might get some decent photos of snow covered naked trees, a lonesome silhouette against a blanket of white snow.

I just hope it doesn't get in the way of paint drying! Which starts on Monday next week. So far the weather looks like 14 degrees!!!

Lago Di Como Autumn 07

Zurich Autumn 07

West Bank Paris Autumn 07

Tuscany Autumn 07 (This is where we stayed! How beautiful are the vineyards with golden Autumn leaves)

This was Mt Bunninyong last winter. BBBUUURRR (I love Ballarat)