I arrived at home last night to be greeted by a massive industrial skip a few houses up. It was covered in hardwood, perfect for our open fireplace. I knocked on the door asked politely if I could take some and the lady said take what ever you want, don't make a mess.
So as I was rummaging I came across some treasure. This cuckoo clock made in West Germany and the Fob watch also made in Germany. We got the fob watch working and it keeps good time, the Cuckoo Clock will have to get repaired, luckily my boss's dad is an expert at repairing old clocks especially the German type! Various other gems not photographed such as 50's magazine stand and 760's orange lamp with shade.

It's amazing what gets thrown out. It would be good if more people sent it off to the Salvos' or Vinnies or what ever. At least some of this stuff got recycled and will be enjoyed for years to come.



Anonymous said...

Someones trash is anothers treasure! Amazing what you can find..appears you have struck gold! Congrats on getting Title too...days will fly to the 3rd! Vin

shannon said...

ah the joys of bin rummaging....

congratulations on settlement, we too are in the beginnings of an extension which is likely to take years. So im stealing some of your finds/ideas on bedrooms and studio looking spaces. so thanks for that!