It always amazes me how particular images seem to stop me in my tracks and make me take notice. The rest are obviously crap. ;-)
A few little diddy's that have caught my eye, well both of them in fact.

I'd love a timber frame mirror like this but the frame to be black....just like my heart. (image from From More Ways to Waste Time)

A simple coffee table with drawers to keep the mess hidden. It's all smoke and mirrors folks

My lovely Sister bought us some really nice Salt and Pepper grinders but the Salt grinder has ceased up, which means we're in the market from some newbies. However we have decided after much debate and workshop that we will just get nice shakers and have a grinder just for cracked pepper. How bought these beauties? 
(Image from Automatisim)

Can an office space get any cooler? A mood wall to inspire you for fashion, design and hunting. Perfect. (Image from Automatisim)


schmookie said...

Hey There Kimmikki...liking your blog...good luck with your renos...a heads up...I saw a mirror like the one you mentioned at the Smythesdale 2nd hand shop...It may still be there..only saw it last weekend..only needs a lick of black paint..