By now we are pulling our hair out in anticipation. Hopefully in two weeks time our hair will be covered in white paint and saw dust! It's been a long arduous journey waiting to have our own house again, but the light has appeared and 14 days shall pass, and keys shall be in hand.

What's the first thing I'll do? Take photos of course. I'll spend the first morning documenting everything as it is, and then we can capture the process and changes going forward, bad reno attire and all!

We got our little gift from Rudd, which has been converted in some part to Kim' new boyfriend aka POANG. Don't ask.

I on the other hand resort to painting things that I find from rummaging through mini-skips, and waxing old discarded Sultana boxes to be used as book shelves. What a garbo! Hey it all works out in the end, even if my wife has a penchant for Swedish objects and smooth design.  I guess I've sired twice so I no longer serve a great purpose ;-)

Anyhow, some lovely pics from around the globe....mmmm eye candy

PS. Also I finally found out where to buy these beauties, which until now have only been available in the US. But $300! Ouch....but I'm still drooling.

We are so getting a white shagpile!

Good bookshelf clutter

I'd love to find a map drawer cabinet like this one day. We have one at work but it's metal

I love bikes in houses. It's like they don't belong.....but they do! 
And how good does that dark timber floor look?


Shannon said...

mmmm I really want one of those drawers also. Shagpiles remind me of a nasty girl my mate once lived with, she was such a pig I found a chicken bone in her rug.

And you like bikes in homes because you dont live with a racer in your bedroom because its too precious to live outdoors.

my comment moderation word is - farkae.

Kim & Ro said...

Huh! Didn't you get a shed built in the backyard? said...

Ro the ipod speakers = HOoooot! lets get some... see you 4 on the 9th/10th
Oh the wood. :p


KimRo said...

He doesn't need any encouragement to spend more money thanks Chad ;-)