My doesn't time fly!

Actually now that I think about it, it was a long time ago that we actually started looking at houses and decided to get back into the 'market'. And finally tomorrow we officially settle and join the ranks of the mortgage elite. To the grind we go, cheque book in hand. The frustrating part is that we will be 'landlords' for one month until the current tenants vacate on the 3rd of May.

So we snuck in one last inspection at the house (completely within our rights as house buyers) on Saturday, because as of tomorrow we have to abide by a completely different set of rules being Landlords!

One week at a time we will mark off the calendar with a smile on our faces until such time that overalls and bandanna's become daily apparel, and lunch is delivered in an esky and the end of the day beer is the most coveted and treasured daily reward.