Yesterday I received a message from a friend, who was going to pop over for a coffee in the afternoon, and I mentioned in my message back that I was feeling a little flat. I said I was looking forward to seeing her smiling face, as this is exactly how I felt. And what do you know, when she arrived, I not only saw her smiling face, but a lovely bunch of flowers (with some chockie) that she bought on her way over, to cheer me up. What a gal!

The funny thing is, that I called her today, and asked if she would mind if I picked up her little girl after school today, for playdate with Laney (who has been asking for one), and she was pleased to hear from me, because she needed a babysitter this afternoon, due to a last minute meeting she has to attend. Doesn't it feel great when you can rely on a friend, and know that they can rely on you too. What would we do without them, huh!? I honestly don't know.

I get a lot of emails forwarded to me, about friendships, and all the reasons we should appreciate them. But I think it's when stuff like this happens, or after a wonderful weekend spent with friends having laughs, that you feel it the most. So to all my friends, old and new - life wouldn't be the same without you, thanks!

And thank-you for the flowers, Lou!

Kim x


Anonymous said...

There's nothing like flowers to cheer you up :)