People often say to me that they wished they lived with a photographer, so that they always had someone who knows what they are doing to capture their special moments on film. But what they don't realise is that a photographer is like a plumber or carpenter - the last job they do is the one at home. I have been asking Ro to take some nice photos of the girls for a long time, and he mentioned he would take some this weekend gone. Well, he hasn't taken them. So I had to try and take some myself. They don't compare to his, but at least I have some. Our little Tia started crawling this week, and Helena is just becoming all "big girl" on me. She amazes me with the things that come out of her mouth. "Mum, can you please help me? I'm fuggling (struggling)". They are my little treasures.

Oh, and I must say, that I did realise why he takes so many photos of the house stuff, and not the kids. The house stays still!




Anonymous said...

House is looking fantastic guys. Or should I say YOUR HOME!!! Glad it wasn't your place that was crashed into Friday (on Skipton St). Poor guy has more to renovate now!

The girls look like they are enjoying their new home too. Your pics are great Kim - have the mothers touch!

Keep up the good work
sam :)