We have been away for the weekend and I am now frantic with all the things I want to do before Christmas.  Aargh!  I love this time, but I am a little crazy at the moment.  I guess I could have not chosen to go away and relax on the weekend. But with our Kombi beckoning us away, how could we resist.  I think I might just be more crazy now, if I hadn't taken the time off.  It was so nice. 
Highlights of the weekend...

Holding Tia's hand as she did laps of our campsite, because there were tears whenever we stopped.  (She will be walking so soon!)

Watching Laney run away from the waves, and then run straight back to the water.

Watching Ro fly our new super stunt kite on the beach.

Sitting around drinking beers with new friends.

Talking to Ro, with no (Thaw, computer, housework) distractions.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

These photos are courtesy of Ro's blog. He took some lovely photos.