Not that long ago I joined a group of crafters who are a very talented and gorgeous bunch of chicks.  They are all lovely to hang out with and I have lots of fun catching up with them once a fortnight.  Although initially I felt a little intimidated by the talent they all have for their chosen craft (as I am a wannabe, and not really good at anything crafty) I have found that they have inspired me to do things more creatively in general.  As I started planning for Christmas, I have been thinking, "what can I make for....." or "how can I wrap these".  Instead of just going to the shop and buying presents and patterned wrapping paper, I am willing to give myself a go at doing it myself.  This is not something I really would have attempted in the past. And I am really enjoying it.
I love to cook and bake, and generally struggle to find time for it, but I have been making time to do it.  Making cupcakes and chocolates. And I have also been practicing my new crafty skill of crocheting. It's nice to find something that relaxes me, and involves "making".  So thanks to all of you lovely girls, for inspiring me.

My first attempt at a crocheted flower, which I made into a brooch for a friend's birthday.
My first crocheted heart.  It's hanging on our tree now.
My little hand-made chockies which I gave my crafty friends at our last get-together.


Jodie said...

Der woman - you create a whole magazine!!!!

Kim said...

That doesn't count ;-)