OK, so I know I have been slack.  My Mum, blogging friends, old friends in Melbourne and anyone else who I see tells me I "really should update" my blog.  I realise I have been slack, and I apologise wholeheartedly.  Just to let you all know what has been holding me up - it's this little thing called Thaw.  My, how I would like to swear as I write this, but I am just not that rude.  OK, so maybe I would if this was verbal, but I just can't bear to write it.  This issue was a.. well... hard one.  We left lots of things to the last minute, and consequently had a rough couple of weeks leading up to the print deadline.  There were temper tantrums from the adults instead of the children, there was lots of wine consumed, and a lot of late nights and restless sleeps.  But in the end we got it done, and came out the other end with a magazine.  And I think it looks pretty good, just quietly. I promise I will post more regularly now.  

Tia loves that tinsel
No real tree for us.  First we have to put it together.
Our little backyard is an awesome oasis now.  So green and now with a table and chairs under cover.
This is where we  have hung out every night since Ro put the roof on the pergola, and we got our second-hand table and chairs.
The kitchen table represents the last few days well.  Laney's birthday presents and thaw orders ready for the post.It's been a crazy balancing act.
A special day on our advent calendar. Our beautiful Laney's 4th birthday.