I have been watching this classic mini-series with Laney and as a mum I think I even appreciate the little red-headed girl even more than I did when I was a little girl myself. She is feisty and sticks up for herself, is honest, imaginative and clever. I just love it. The characters are just so good, and I love the idea of having many "kindred spirits" come into your life.

OK, so I also had a thing for Gilbert.

This is just before she breaks her slate over Gilberts head, I think. Love that bit!


trashalou said...

How is it possible to do otherwise than have a crush on Gilbert?

Bluebell said...

Oh I just love Anne. Matthew was my fav... What a honey!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Kim, love your blog and love Thaw!
I've just got the latest issue. I've got every one so far,I pick them up from Espresso, read them, laugh, hand them on, think over the reviews, check out the fashion (alas I'm too old to wear it) and love the craft interviews. It's a great size, beautifully produced. Don't stop doing it, it makes me happy to live in Ballarat

Kim said...

Thanks-you so much Elizabeth. What nice things you say. Thanks for the support. We will keep on doing it, and have lots of plans we are working on, to help us grow and improve. Check out our Thaw blog, as we will be using that a lot more to communicate to our readers between issues. Cheers,