Man, it is hard to be disciplined when you go down to the beach for a break. The beer and fish 'n' chips were calling to me. I was very well behaved considering the temptations around me, and have still managed to maintain the 4 kilo weightloss that I have achieved so far on this new regime. But I certainly didn't lose any weight while we were down there.

Had a wonderful time playing in the sand with the girls in Apollo Bay, where we stayed for just two nights. Just what the doctor ordered for all of us. We couldn't get the smile off Helena's face. (Not that you would want to really.)

Am getting around as much as possible by foot and by my fabulous old Malvern Star. (Love my new basket. It fits quite a bit in there.) Let's hope the weight keeps coming off.

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine as much as me.


Anonymous said...

It's definitely bike riding weather!