What a glorious day it is outside. I have just been for a walk, by myself, to do some errands, and felt an extra spring in my step as I enjoyed the sunshine! Laney and I have our new Summer dresses on - Laney's cost a whole $1, at the church fete this weekend.

On the weekend we had another wonderful time. One of the things we did was go to a friend, Sarah's, birthday party at Plaster Funhouse, which is now a feature in the garden. And we rearranged all the books on the bookshelves since we had purchased a lot more lately. Fun, fun fun.

Oh and the diet is going well so far. Not feeling so hungry all the time like I was in the beginning.

Just have to show off how my blanket is going. Having fun.

Laney in her new dress

The books, during the chaos.

The bookshelves after the reshuffle.

The view out the kitchen window this afternoon. So nice! All we need now is the grapes to grow
over the pergola, and a long table and chairs for underneath. I'm commissioning my dad to make
them from recycled timber.


Kate said...

Ahhh Plaster Funhouse, my kids would move in there if I let them, they love that stuff. I wouldn't mind if they had better magazines. Hey your crochet is looking ace. Hope to see it in person on Thursday.

Bluebell said...

That dress is just beautiful! xox

Bluebell said...

Helena has grown so much recently... She's a little big girl now!