What a week I've had. It's just been filled with good stuff, and I really have enjoyed it. Thursday last week was craft night, and it was at my place this time. What a fun night we all had. Rohan decided to join us all, and he almost became a new member - thankfully I reminded him that he couldn't join, because I need him to stay at home on craft nights and look after the girls. Phew! Was great to see all the girls, and talk about craft, babies, crocheted penises and all the usual stuff.

Friday night - friends, wine, fun.

Saturday - walk and lunch at the pub with my beautiful girls in the sunshine, while Ro photographed a wedding.

Sunday - Just the four of us. Walk to cafe for brekky. Drive to Daylesford for market. Drive to Hepburn for lunch/picnic/wine/play/ on the grass at Lavendula.

How much fun!

Laney hasn't learnt how to cuddle gently yet. "She's just so cute!"she says.

Tia is randomly standing up and having little "Ta-da" moments - not walking yet though.

Laney is obsessing about her upcoming birthday and Christmas, and marking things she wants in catalogues with a "x"

Tia has just discovered that the baby in the mirror is actually her.

Just love this shopping list that Laney has been working on.

Really enjoying the crocheting. Just need more patterns.