I am embarking on a health regime!

OK, so I have to put this out there, much like the Magda Szubanski's and Julia Morris' of the world, because once you announce it to people, you have to stick to it, so that you don't look like a big loser. Well, actually a Biggest Loser is probably what I want to look like, but then you get the picture.

I don't want to lose a HEAP of weight, but just get more healthy, and fit. When I had my first bub, I lost all the (10 kg) weight that I put on, in a matter of 6 weeks (miraculously), so I just went to town when I was pregnant the second time. Big mistake! Tia is already 1, and I have still only lost 10 of the enormous 18 kgs that I put on with her pregnancy.

So here it is. I am going to do it. You just watch me. I have to. (I really want to buy new clothes, and refuse to buy them for my current size!)

Could totally see myself wearing something like this, this Summer. How pretty is it!?

From the Sartorialist


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your health kick! I admire you for starting one when it's still raining outside. I fell in love with that dress when I saw it on the Sartorilist too. It's just so fun an cute.

RoLuc said...

man YOU look hot Kim!!!!

Jodie said...

okey dokey - No cake for you on thursday (or me either to be honest)

Linda aka Heartfire At Home said...

That dress is gorgeous! Good luck with it! I'm trying to alter some habits to be a bit more healthy too. I've drawn up a 'good food' diet, and have nearly actually gone and done the shopping for it.... that's as far as I've gotten - lol.

My main thing I have to change is my sleeping habits. I wish I didn't have to sleep, I'm always doing something and hate going to bed. I'm a night owl as it is, but lately seem to be only getting 4 or 5 hours a night for nights in a row...... and that's because I just don't want to go to bed!

I'm going to have to take a firm hand with myself and get into a better routine for my own health. Sigh.

Linda. x :)

Lark said...

Hey Kim, good for you! I am on a health kick too - have lost 4 kilos already this month and feel so much more energetic already. I have some lovely summer dresses in mind... x