I'm in Manhattan and I'm trying to make sense of the place. In reality the best thing is to not even try. I'm coming to the end of my adventure and although I love the crazy world that is NYC.......I miss my girls, all three of them. But I digress.

NYC is amazing as f$%^. Everything the Beastie Boys told me it was. I've been watching baseball, admiring world art and semi-enjoying $1 hot dogs.

I've spent so much time in central park, like a lazy bastard. I even treated myself to a romantic row boat adventure. Let me tell you it was good but without my lovely girls kinda weird.

I've definitely fallen into the trap of buying a heap of unnecessary crap and over spending but I knida don't give a crap. It's New York.

I got my new ink in Brooklyn and I rode the subway, seen amazing art and drank NY cocktails like Johnny Cash wrote good songs. The art museums reminds me of Europe and the bad service reminds me of Melbourne.

If you have time.......pictures here.

All in all I'm super dooper stoked to be here.

Steph...FYI....it's not just another big city. Its a melting pot of whatever your heart desires.



Doily said...

Rubbish! Its a big, smelly disaster of a joint with obsene crime rates and lonliness en masse. It's revolting! :)
So come back home, we all miss you!


62cherry said...

love ya~~ the beastie boys line made me giggle xxx