It's such an amazing place. So much to write about at this stage I'm just taking in. The diversity of people and demographic is phenomenal. It's busy, smelly, noisy and yet impressive all at the same time. This time of year it's super hot, next week we're due for a super heat wave, ouch!

I must admitI feel a little bit like a country hick visiting the big smoke, but I'm just keeping my head down and getting on with the experience of it all, no matter how much of a dag I feel like.

The wedding which I'm here to photograph was bloody rad. Central Park, sun beating down, good people and plenty of love to go round. Today however has been of a much slower pace. My first day since I arrived to sit down and chill for a bit. Now the work is almost over and I change hats from photographer to tourist.

I hope you're all enjoying the cold weather.



LMA49 said...

Super glad the wedding went well for all. Enjoy all the sensations of the Big Apple. More pics please?
Hope you're buying shorts :-)
Warm hugs M&D

62cherry said...

ah ro! can you pop into purl soho for me pleeeease xxxx
can't wait to see all the photos when you get home