The past week and a half has been so chilled out, I am a bit excited that this is what I have to look forward to now that Thaw is no longer my responsibility.  I really feel a lot more relaxed and happy. I have really enjoyed being able to spend "quality" time with my girls, and have time for other important things that needed to be done. Here's a snapshot of the last 10 days...

Kim x

Fantastic cubby constructions
Enjoying cake mix.... yum
Picking berries from the Hawthorn bush for sauce-making
Sitting on the bus with an excited Helena on the way to the Fire Station
Watching her hold the big hose

Visiting the Museum with cousin Charlie
Enjoying cupcakes from the Farmers Market
Picking up pine cones with Dad
And walking through the fairy garden


Jodie said...

OMG, I have photos of jem doing the fire station visit - and walking in the green house at about the same age...

Kimmi- I feel old.....

Kim and Ro said...

Oh Jod... just tell that girl of yours to stop growing up. That's what I have been telling Laney. Do you think it will work? x