Finally I have got the pick-up looking semi-decent. All the stickers are removed (sorry Shaz) the unnecessary bullbar, lights, Tarzan horn, canopy.....all removed. And I even replaced the '4 Horseman of the Apocalypse' exhaust with something a little more 'Driving Miss Daisy'.

It's now at the shop getting the RWC inspection. Which will no doubt give me the fright of my life. But there's nothing like living eh!

Then it will be ready for foraging trips, fishing adventures and man trips to hardware stores....arh arh!


62cherry said...

looking awesome
besides a galaxy 500 an F100 is my ultimate
nice work

Leonie Guld said... much BETTER!!!

fattiescc said...

i liked it better before
you been growing large quantities of illegal substances... car after car after car…

fattiescc said...

you growing dope of something??? all these new toys... and i liked it better with all the redneck shit, suited you better :–))

Shannon said...

chicken. did you atleast keep one??