I know you have all been wondering what Kim and the girls have been up to, while the boy has been galavanting about on the other side of the world.  Well, I am glad you asked... ok, so you didn't, but I will tell you anyway.

Instead of focussing on the fact that Ro was in New York, exploring galleries and museums, and enjoying dinners out with friends, shopping without kids and enjoying strolls in Central Park, and the fact that I was left all alone, back in freezing cold Ballarat, all alone, to look after the children, all alone. (Not that I'm bitter. Oh no.... far from it.) I decided to catch up with friends and family in Melbourne and have a mini holiday of our own.  And quite honestly, it was lovely to see them all. We girls really enjoyed the school holidays, and enjoyed some proper, good fun, quality family time together.

OK, we did miss Ro a bit. And we are very happy to have him home.

Here are some pics from our adventures...

Watching movies in bed with Molly...
Look what the beautiful Daisy is sleeping under.... wonder who made that?
A ride on Thomas the tank engine with cousin Charlie. Toot toot!
Meeting our little second cousin Alice.
Staying with my wonderful Mum.
Enjoying our new table and chairs from Ikea.  Yes, they are Master Chefs at work you see.

And we are enjoying our NY souvenirs.


beck said...

Who needs New York when you can whoop it up in Melbourne?? Looks like you had fun. Love all the photo's of the gorgeous kids. Now, have you booked your trip yet? x