I have become a little bit lazy with the TV at night, and found myself vegging out in front of it after the kids are in bed, and wasting the rest of the night watching whatever I can find on the box. The sad thing is that often I end up complaining that nothing is on or yelling at the people on the box because I think they're ignorant/exploitative/bad actors etc... but that doesn't mean I actually turn it off! The crazy thing is that I keep it on regardless. SO... what Rohan has challenged me to do is turn it off... FOR A MONTH. So in fairness - and since he is so keen on my doing this - I challenged him to have no cigarettes for a whole month. Since he wants to quit anyway, I thought this was a good way to keep him motivated.

So there you have it... the challenge for the next month. No TV, and no ciggies. Bring it on!

I have to note that we started a couple of nights ago and the quiet that comes after the kids are in bed has been just lovely. We have read books and I have sewn, and we have been in bed a lot earlier than usual, because we are much more chilled out earlier in the night. This could be habit-forming!