I'm really liking this philosophy, it's simple. I dig simple, I can do simple.

When I was waiting for my tattoo in Brooklyn this was the wall I stared at. I sat outside pondering the stencil work before me, while 'Brooklynites' wondered past devouring melting ice creams in the sweltering heat. Taxis and cars zoomed past and honked their horns indiscriminately, it's New York after all. Amongst all this chaos it's a great place to think in some sort of bizarre way. I pulled out my camera and made the record of this moment. Every picture I take is a record, an assistant to my ageing memory. As I get older I love looking over old picture albums, who doesn't? I'm intrigued by who we used to be, how we used to be, what we used to think. Thank goodness for cameras, yes?


NYC 2010


Jodie said...

Can I leave out the "work" bit?