I recently took part in my first crafty blog swap, which was from Kate's blog.  The pincushion swap. It was fun to have a new project, but as soon as it approached the deadline, when it had to be in the post, I was frantically trying to make it look pretty, as I left it to the last minute, because my original plan didn't work out as I hoped.  So I dropped it in the post on the cut-off day, (when family was visiting for the day and I was distracted), and posted it without any nice note or anything, and felt self-conscious about the standard of it.   (In my haste I didn't get a picture to show you, so you will have to just imagine it.) 

So you can imagine my feeling of guilt when I received my pincusion and I was totally put to shame!  It arrived with some cute star pins, and a lovely note explaining her inspiration for the design of it.  A lot of thought went into it, and although I felt guilty, I was so delighted to receive it.  Check it out!  Thanks so much Linda!!

Note to self - don't leave things to the last minute!


michelle said...

hi kim, i am the grateful recipient of the pincushion you made. thank you so much. i am sorry not to have acknowlaged it sooner but i have been doing a lot of detective work to try and work out who made it! i followed the links on kates blog and finally got to you and had a stong feeling that you were my partner but there were not many clues except your christian name. so thank you for the pretty little cushion. i will post a photo today now that i know who you are. cheers m

Anonymous said...

so glad you like your pincushion Kim it was lots of fun to make!