We have been getting away a bit lately, and it has been fantastic!  Since we bought the Kombi we have had quite a few problems with her, but she just took us down to Nelson for a long weekend, and she did a very good job.  We all love climbing inside Dotty when it's raining outside, and I'm sure she loves it too. Here are some pics of stuff and things from the past few weeks.

My blanket is nearly done, just needs a scalloped edge I think
The view from our verandah on the recent Mallacoota trip
The beloved Pa with the grandkids in Mallacoota
Tia discovers jaffas
Laney and I see who can make the tallest poker chip towers
The sun set in front of us on the way to Nelson this weekend
The girls snuggled in their new PJ's in Dotty
The girls made new friends in Nelson, and had some races.  On your marks...
get set... GO!
Tia wasn't very competitive. Preferring to stroll
We drove home as the storm arrived


Sarah said...

Those 2 little pyjama princess's are so sweet they're almost edible!!

Kate said...

Gorgeous pics Kim!
Let's play soon its been ages. X

oscarmacoscar said...

Your blanket looks beautiful Kim. I cant wait to see it all finished. Im happy to hear you've been spending some good times in dotty!