I'm a bag of mixed emotions today. As I figure most Victorians/Australians are. We're all feeling the pain of the great loss with the bush fires, it's just devastating. However while all the bad stuff was happening I was working at the bridal fair in town and getting little snippets of news here and there. While it was a sad day for us it was also a pretty good day as we got a bunch of wedding bookings for the next twelve months, which means we will actually have money to renovate in a real sense. We should be able to get all of our projects done, although I'm not sure how much time I'll have working during the week and on weekends! We'll just get things done when we can, we're in no real hurry. 

We've talked about our white ideas for the interior but we haven't mentioned our exterior colour scheme ideas. We both kinda like the same colours for outside and we are set on having white for the trimmings (window frames, front door, gutter, veranda poles etc).
We both like pretty dark greens, blues, maroan and browns and we also like the lighter grey/green. Here are some pics to give you a little idea. We're not set yet.....love to see what you think. I'm completely colour blind which makes the process a little tricky.