I'm in trouble. Well not really, just with Kim. I keep finding little gems at antique shops or on eBay and I just grab them thinking, 'this will look great in the new house'. I think I've gone a little excited crazy because I'm a very impatient person (massive understatement) so this way I feel like I'm actually doing something. But in fact all I'm doing is spending money we need for the real reno's!!! Okay I'll stop......unless you have a real bargain for me....I mean no!

I got this gem for $10 at an Antique store in town. It was really dirty and had a broken hand set which I replace with another. Now it's in really good condition, and these things fetch good money if complete. Why do we need one? Well it looks rad and Laney has a ball calling me on it.

I've been a fan of industrial lighting for a while, and we could get a replica from ikea for half the price but this is a real antique factory light, baked enamel over heavy metal. I'm hoping to use it in the study or lounge. And it's massive so it will be a centerpiece.

What house can't benefit from a real working Cuckoo clock? Imagine this one contrast on white walls. And it's silver! Completely unnecessary. Completely Rad.